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Web & Print Design

Hello, I’m Steve Lombard, a and print specialist who would love to make you something helpful that you will enjoy looking at. It’s really that simple. In the first century B.C., the poet Horace maintained that the purpose of art was “to instruct and delight.” This is still true.

I represent a meld of talents that ensures a one-stop Web and print experience: writing (and spelling!), design and layout, typography, programming, and SEO (search engine optimization). Details are attended to: inch marks and foot marks aren’t used as double and single quotes. A dash isn’t two hyphensit’s an em dash. Italics and bold are used where appropriate.

Otherwise, the product is attractive and works efficiently. You may want to be able to update information; this can be built into the site and need not require template-driven CMS applications. My sites are tailored for results in unique situationsyour situations.

Print... Matters!

You bet. Without a sound background in print, one can’t very well foray into the business of Web design. Otherwise, you have seen the results of such efforts: loud, tasteless, big, noisy. It needs to be quiet when you’re reading. It needs to be uncluttered. It needs to be spelled right and proportioned correctly. You want to pay attention to the content... not the form.

That’s what you need. Before Web design and programming, I worked in typographic proofreading, advertising typesetting, book composition, and creation of exhibit signage, manuals, labels, business cards... you get the picture. You can expect things to look good.

Web Matters More Than Ever

You want something that works
something that will get you noticed (not Flash banners). Minimalist is in. Tasteful is in. Understated is in. And, of course, SEO is in; its implications are greater than ever. I have had training in and keep up on these implications.

I have experience in PHP, MySQL, and XML for commercial sites; I also do Web galleries, Web slideshows, shopping carts, databases, HDTV product displays, logos, SEO copywriting, and whatever else is involved. Again, expect things to look good: I do all facets of Web page design, too.

Take a look within! There are lots of print samples and examples of existing sites. There is a form on the last page that sends to my emailand please do! Above all else, I would love to make you something helpful that you will enjoy looking at.

contact steverbose

STEVERBOSE.COM  |  downtown clawson, mi 48017  |  (586) 216-3776

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