Web Design for Sentient Beings

Welcome to the Steverbose Blog; this is a forum that would advocate a quieter, simpler approach to communication and design for the Web based on what has worked in print for hundreds of years. There is no need for billboard blight, irrelevant advertising clamor, and whatever other visual pollution we’re subjected to on the Web daily. We get it: there are those who want revenue badly enough to believe that assaulting us with a barrage of sad carnage would—according to accepted and condoned marketing and advertising practices—accomplish their goals.

We are desensitized to this approach at this point. All we really want is to be treated as sentient human beings and not as cliff-bound lemmings. Let’s quiet it down—bit by bit—and see if that produces an Internet that appears to care for its readers. This is simply my endeavor to do this and, in doing so, to clean up and quiet down my corner of the Web.

This blog is an investigation of the components toward this end: minimalism, simple layout and design, staid typographic and printing conventions, accepted references of grammar and usage. As this represents a wide swath, I am certain to learn the limitations of my present knowledge regarding such matters from others. Of course if any of these topics interest you, please don’t hesitate to comment.


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