I’m Not Up for Your Spam

I tend toward the uncluttered, as evidenced by the first post. I like to be useful, convey concepts simply without extraneous clatter, and cater to my clients’ best interests when serving them. Further, I am not up for taking advantage of clients, processes, technologies, or others for my vocational “betterment.” And—whaddaya know!—I expect the same.

Of course, you blog spammers don’t read. No matter: this is to say that I report all of your bullshit as spam and will not tolerate any of it. I don’t care if you purport to offer a product that gets me 1000 backlinks a day; I don’t do that. I abhor spam in my email. I don’t accept advertising on my phone, on which all texting is blocked. I don’t even have a tee-vee, partially because of the inane, endless, vomitous cackling of hideous advertising that emanates from it. Any evidence of similar violation here is treated as vermin. Finally—bottom line—I will not patronize any products or services that have been foisted upon me via spam for the rest of my natural life. For real. You’re kicked out of the kingdom and there are no second chances.

Again, you probably don’t read if you’re a purveyor of such, but just in case you do: Get lost. I have just mobilized Akismet and, if its claims are accurate, I will be hearing from you considerably less.


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